It’s Time to Finish the Work (7 DVD Series)




“The great burden of Jesus was to do His Father’s Will and Finish His work” John 4:34 If we are going to reflect the lovely image of Jesus as we should in these last days we must reconcile with ourselves that the work can no longer languish or simply be maintained, but the work must be finished!!!!”

There is however one problem: Ministry of healing says: “Many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin”
MH pg. 149

In this series we will discuss How to begin in the prcess of Finishing the Work of the Gospel in this generation. In this series, you will learn:

1) A Mighty Long Way (A DVD presentation of Elder Lemon’s journey from the world of Entertainment into the Christian faith)
2) How to Be Like Jesus and Work like Jesus
3) The Three Fold Work (The 3 instruments God is going to work through to Finish the Work)
4) Satan’s Hindrance Plan (Who are the Modern Day Pharisees and Sadducees)
5) God’ Secret Weapon (A special presentation for our young people)
6) The Sealing Work and it’s Order (Where does the work begin)
7) How to conquer the Inner Beast before facing the Mark of the Beast
Much, Much, more……