God’s Call for Consecrated Workers (6-Part series)




God calls for consecrated workers, who will be true to Him–humble men, who see the need of evangelistic work, and do not draw back, but do each day’s work faithfully, relying upon God for help and strength.–Letter 43, 1905, p. 3
Matthew 24 shows us that in the last days there will be two types of servants. It therefore helps us see that some will simply work and yet be found unfaithful, while others will be “consecrated workers” and declared wise and faithful.

In this series you will learn:

1) The impending crisis ahead of us and God’s need for “Consecrated Workers”
2) God’s defenition of a consecrated worker
3) How to Fully Surrender one’s self to God
4) The secret attacks of the devil to hinder this experience
5) The role of the Holy Spirit in Consecration
5) The role of Health and Temperance in Consecration
6) The chief offering in the Sanctuary Service to teach us Consecration
7) The 3rd Angel and God’s Consecrated Work and much, much, more…..