A Hard Saying (Single CD)




This Message is based on John 6:24-71

“Jesus knew that many followed him who hoped to receive temporal favors thereby. They looked for him to work some miracle that would benefit them; but especially did they hope that he would eventually free them from the Roman yoke….He wished them to understand that their hearts must be open to the Spirit of God before they could be drawn to him by faith. They must be willing to have their errors reproved, to eschew evil, and lead holy lives” {2SP 284.1}

Every single one of who us who follows Jesus will sooner or later run across “testing statements”, that will challenge us to the core and allow us to see how genuine our walk with Jesus really is. These tests will come in the form of “Hard Sayings”. May you search your heart as you listen to this message, and if you find that there may be a wicked way inside, may God lead in the way Everlasting. Maranatha