Healing: To serve or do service to others. To heal, cure, or to restore health. (Mentally, Physically and Spiritually).

We are available for:

  • Health seminars (This is where we show individuals, churches and corporate environments how to avoid as well as overcome sickness and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, H1N1 and much more through the simple use of lifestyle principles, & natural remedies that are founded upon God’s work and the Bible & confirmed through the latest research in medical science.
  • Literature Evangelism (Evangelizing & empowering people through the use of literature on health & spirituality so that individuals can have ongoing education in physical and spiritual lines at thei¬r fingertips)
  • Healthy cooking Classes (This is where individuals learn how food is their medicine and in many respects they can “east their way into health and wellness”. We will also teach individuals how to replace some of their most favorite dishes with a healthier recipe of ingredients that promote health, and taste great!)