True Love Defined (2 part series)
So often it is said in the Christian Churches of today that we need to focus on the Love of Jesus, and this is true. However, we are warned of a false Love that will creep into the church where “Love is dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God, but it is degraded to a weak sentimentalism, making little distinction between good and evil. God’s justice, His denunciations of sin, the requirements of His holy law, are all kept out of sight. GC pg. 558 Come join us as we investigate from the Bible what True Love is and what it is Not!!!!!!!


The Truth About the Gospel (Single)
We know that Jesus' last commission to the disciples was to go and preach the Gospel to all the world, however Paul tells us that there's another gospel that was being preached in his day and if anyone was found preaching it, they were to be accursed!! (see Galatians 1:6-9) As we are living in the last days of this earth’s history, could it be that there's another gospel being preached in our day as well? Listen to this enlightening study on how to define the True Gospel Message from the False.


If ever there were a neglected topic of study in the church today, it is the topic of Dress.

Most people feel that it is a trivial subject and therefore unworthy of our attention, but notice a most startling statement from the Testimony of Jesus: “Fashion is deteriorating the intellect and eating out the spirituality of our people. Obedience to fashion is pervading our Seventh-day Adventist churches and is doing more than any other power to separate our people from God.” 4T pg.647 With a statement like this, God’s ministers must speak up and speak out against this incredible invasion into the Church of God that’s affecting His people in such a rapid leavening manner. This study will challenge us but we need to be challenged that we may be prepared. Maranatha

Dress Reform (2 part series)

Isaiah’s Last Day Message (Single)
In many respects Isaiah the Prophet is very much like God’s people in the last days. As we review the life of Isaiah, as powerful a prophet he was, there was “one thing he lacked”. That very thing Isaiah lacked are the same things that are causing God’s people today to not experience the POWER of the Gospel. This is a most needed message for the Remnant.


Last Day Love Letters (Single)
A Most profound study that shows our young people WHY, they should read, embrace, and enjoy the Spirit of Prophecy. Our youth will learn how to deal with dating and peer pressure, understanding the role they play in the Great Controversy, & the best books to read for different issues that plague our youth.


From Gethsemane to Golgotha (Single)
All of us will have to face Golgotha (a Time of Great Trouble) at some point in our lives. You will find that Jesus was able to face Golgotha mightily because of His victory in Gethsemane. Come learn what are the keys found in the story of Gethsemane that will prepare us for our Golgotha experience. A wonderful study of Victory through Jesus Christ.

As It Was in the Days of Noah (7-part Series)
Noah was to preach to the people, and also to prepare an ark as God should direct him for the saving of himself and family. He was not only to preach, but his example in building the ark was to convince all that he believed what he preached. {3SG 64.2}

As Noah had to preach a Distinct Message for the times, he also had to exemplify his belief in his message by building an ark.

There are many today in the church who know not the message for this time and even worse there are some who are preaching a relevant message, but are not building there modern day "arks". In this series you will understand:

1) How Noah's Life was an example of how our lives should be, living in the judgment
2) What constitute's Noah's Message for today
3) What is our Modern Day "Ark" we are to build
4) When is it time to get out of the cities, and how to practically prepare for the Time of Trouble
5) What does Country Living, Medical Missionary Work and the experience of Righteousness by Faith have in common.

The Sacred Circle (5-part Series)
There is a sacred circle around every family which should be preserved. No other one has any right in that sacred circle. The husband and wife should be all to each other..... The home circle should be regarded as a sacred place, a symbol of heaven, a mirror in which to reflect ourselves. Friends and acquaintances we may have, but in the home life they are not to meddle. AH pg.177

In this series you will discover:

1) Satans plan of attack against the Remnant Families
2) Principles of Marraige in the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary
3) Training our children for God through the Sanctuary


True Repentance, True Conversion (4-part Series)
The Pre-Requisite for receiving the Latter Rain according Acts 3:19 is True Repentance and True Conversion.

In this series you will learn:

1) The difference between repentance and worldy sorrow
2) True Conversion vs. Emotionalism
3) What a truly converted life looks like
4) The dangers of formalism
    and much, much more......


Our Greatest Need (3-part Series)
"The Holy Spirit is Our Greatest Need". {ST May 9, 1892}

"Just prior to His leaving His disciples for the heavenly courts, Jesus encouraged them with the promise of the Holy Spirit..The promise of the Holy Spirit is casually brought into our discourses, is incidentally touched upon, and that is all.... This promised blessing, if claimed by faith, would bring all other blessings in its train, and it is to be given liberally to the people of God". {TM pg.174-175}

In this series, you will learn:
The great purpose of praying and fasting
Who is the Holy Spirit (A person with a personality, or simply a force from God)
What is the Work of the Holy Spirit and How do we receive Him
The connection of the Holy Spirit and the Early and Latter Rain

Biblical Keys to Unity (3-part Series)
"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another" John 13:35
When men are bound together, not by force or self-interest, but by love, they show the working of an influence that is above every human influence. Where this oneness exists, it is evidence that the image of God is being restored in humanity, that a new principle of life has been implanted. It shows that there is power in the divine nature to withstand the supernatural agencies of evil, and that the grace of God subdues the selfishness inherent in the natural heart. -
Lift Him Up, pg. 298

In this series you will learn:
How we can become unified in Christ
The difference between "living issues" and "side issues"
When we cannot unify
Where does unity begin?

The Gospel Through the Sanctuary (7-part Series)
"The Subject of the Sanctuary in connection with the Investigative Judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God" {GC pg.488}

In this series you will learn:
How to win souls to Jesus through the Sanctuary Message
How to "Experience" the power of the Courtyard, Holy Place and Most Holy Place
The "Fatal Mistake" many make in their understanding of the Sanctuary
Much More...

Titles in the series include:
1) Righteousness by Faith
2) Why God Gave Us the Sanctuary
3) The Outer Court
4) The Holy Place
5) The Most Holy Place
6) A Fatal Mistake
7) The Sanctuary Sabbath & the Judgement
8) Crucify Him

A Hard Saying (Single CD)

This Message is based on John 6:24-71

"Jesus knew that many followed him who hoped to receive temporal favors thereby. They looked for him to work some miracle that would benefit them; but especially did they hope that he would eventually free them from the Roman yoke....He wished them to understand that their hearts must be open to the Spirit of God before they could be drawn to him by faith. They must be willing to have their errors reproved, to eschew evil, and lead holy lives" {2SP 284.1}

Every single one of who us who follows Jesus will sooner or later run across "testing statements", that will challenge us to the core and allow us to see how genuine our walk with Jesus really is. These tests will come in the form of "Hard Sayings". May you search your heart as you listen to this message, and if you find that there may be a wicked way inside, may God lead in the way Everlasting. Maranatha